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Delivery provisions

In addition to the general provisions in accordance with NL01, our delivery provisions apply as set out below.

  • Prices | Prices are subject to the VAT rate in force at any time. We enter a reservation for exchange rate fluctuations and trade barriers over which we have no Control.
  • Quantities | We reserve the right to changes quantities to whole packages without notification.
  • Endorsements, certificates, etc. | Billing takes place with reference to the scope of the document. Delivery of certificates in accordance with EN 10204 or equivalent always takes the form of a copy without our source of purchase. We retain the original certificate.
  • Packaging | Packaging costs are added to our prices. Packaging and surplus material may be returned, sorted at source and carriage paid, for recycling.
  • Incorrectly delivered goods | Unless otherwise agreed, the buyer has the right, within ten working days and after written notification to us, to return incorrectly delivered goods. We will reimburse the buyer’s return transport costs for any goods that do not correspond with the agreement. The buyer is not in any eventuality entitled to damages or other compensation beyond what has been specified.
  • Delayed delivery | The buyer is not entitled to damages or other compensation in the event of delayed delivery


  • Call-off orders, forecast lists | For call-off orders or approved forecast lists, final delivery and final invoicing of the remaining batch(es) takes place when the agreed call-off period expires.
  • Disputes | Any dispute arising out of the agreement and any provisions attached to it as well as any dispute relating to legal relationships mentioned therein and originating from there and in connection therewith shall not be subject to judicial review, but shall be decided by arbitrators and in accordance with Swedish law.

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