2B Best Business

2B Best Business

2B Best Business AB offers a wide range of customer-optimised items to the whole spectrum of industry, from product owners to contract manufacturers. By focusing on product and production optimisation we select the right manufacturing methods and processes. We can supply everything from simple parts in high volumes – hundreds of thousands or millions – to one-off components for extremely high-tech applications, including Big Science. In short: We help our customers find smart solutions and optimise production.


Using SolidWorks, we develop and optimise components. Our measuring centre allows us to as-sure high quality.

Warehousing and logistics

Our offer includes warehousing and logistics solutions that are matched to the customer’s needs. Our warehouse ensures high delivery reliability, with speed, precision and traceability. We also offer cross-trade shipping across the globe. We use the Jeeves business system.

Our strategy

We will continue to improve quality and delivery times. Through our carefully selected supplier base and effective quality assurance process we will safeguard our future as a credible supplier to our customers. Transparency and honesty towards the customer are essential. Continuous improve-ment will help us achieve our goals.

Our business concept

To be the best business solution for companies that need customerspecific components.

The name 2B Best Business

We chose the name 2B Best Business AB to show that we want to be the best for our customers, our suppliers and ourselves. We intend to succeed by helping our customers and suppliers to succeed.

The Extra Mile, 2B Best Business

Scanning - 2B Best Business

In brief

  • The company was formed in 2005
  • Markets a wide range of components for industrial customers
  • Business partners world wide
  • Located in Anderstorp
  • Certified for quality, environment and health & safety
  • From a genuine Småland business area
  • Grew up on the factory floor