We are an ISO certified company - 2B Best Business

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Business Policy

  • An effective business system at all levels shall make sure that we meet the high standards and expectations of our customers, of the world around us and of ourselves.
  • Continuous improvements and the prevention of contamination shall help us to achieve our ambitious goals.
  • We shall observe laws and other requirements that relate to our business activities.
  • We shall, among other things, minimise our impact on the environment by means of collaboration with our suppliers that is based on trust.
  • We shall engage our employees and suppliers in active environmental awareness.
  • We shall measure internal and external customer satisfaction.
    Our entire business shall be transparent and stand up to the scrutiny of our stakeholders.
  • We do not accept discrimination or harassment.
  • We shall integrate health and safety into everything we do and strive for a workplace that feels developmental and stimulating for all employees.

Our policies

Business Policy
Conflict Material Policy
Social Responsibility Policy
Reach RoHS Policy

Our certificates

We are an ISO 14001:2015,  ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 certified company.

ISO - Certificate, 2B Best Business

Certificate EcoVadis

Certificate EcoVadis - 2B Best Business



Top credit rating

We have held the highest credit rating, triple A, since 2012.