2B Best Business


We saw a potential in developing the international supplier contacts that we had created over a number of years together with the contacts we had within the Swedish industrial sector. This resulted in our setting up the company 2B Best Business. We have been through the shift from local to global market.

2005 | 2B Best Business AB was founded in 2005 by three Småland entrepreneurs who saw a future in global manufacturing with local roots.

2006 | Certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

2007 | The current property in Anderstorp was purchased, renovated and ready to occupy in 2008.

2008 | In autumn 2008, Mikael Andersson and Lars Grundin became sole owners of the company.

2011 | At the end of 2011, an extension was completed. The company’s commitment to the environment resulted in the switch from oil-fired heating to geothermal heating in connection with the extension.

2012 | Since 2012 we have been working in the Jeeves ERP system. Skilled employees, suppliers and customers have all made our positive development possible.

2013 | Augmented the machinery at our disposal with a multiple function operating machine. We also purchased a measuring machine in connection with our starting to work with SolidWorks.

2017 | Passed a dream milestone, net sales of SEK 100 million.

2018 | Land has been acquired from Gislaved Municipality, which will allow continued expansion. We now have 9,000 m² of land.

2019 | Extension of property by 1,600 m² and capacity for 1,905 pallets.

2019 | ISO certified 45001:2018

2020 | Extension of property is completed.

2021 |  In December 70% of the shares was sold to Idun Industri AB


Delägare 2B Best Business, Lars Grundin, Lars Andersson

Partnes of 2B Best Business, Lars Grundin and Mikael Andersson. 

Revenue 2B Best Business 2005-2023