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Hot press forging

Hot pressing

During hot pressing, the material is heated to an optimum temperature and then the workpiece is formed in a tool using, for example, a standard eccentric press. This is a fast process with a cycle time of about 2-4 seconds.

Benefits of hot pressing

Savings can often be made by using hot pressing in terms of both material and machine time. If there is a big difference between the biggest and smallest diameter of a workpiece, a lot of material is saved if it has already been turned. The cost of tooling is relatively low, which is also a major benefit.


Forging is the same process as hot pressing, but is usually performed using a hydraulic press or screw press. It takes longer, but has the same benefits such as saving material and machining time.
We have access to a Water Hydraulic Press.




Hot Press | Biggest press 1,000 tonnes.
Forging | Biggest press 20,000 tonnes


From single unit upwards, depending on the size of the workpiece.


Hot press | Common materials are brass, copper and aluminium.
Forging | Common materials are steel or stainless steel.

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